Touringcarbedrijf Rasch, Hippolytushoef

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Our coaches are suitable for all kind of trips: daytrips, schooltrips, multi-day trips (also with accommodation, excursions, etc. included) and transport to every reachable place in the Netherlands or Europe. Our drivers are skilled and experienced, and are also suitable as a travelguide.

Standard equipment

The standard of all our coaches is Tourist Class, but they can easily be transformed into any other configuration. They’re equipped with a toilet, fridge, coffeemachine, airconditiong,dvd-player and cd-player. The maximum of seats always includes the travelguideseat in the front and middleseat at the back. All coaches are equipped with adjustable armrests, adjustable footrests and reading lights; everything to increase your seating comfort.
Our 2 newest coaches also possess an adaptive cruise control, this slows the coach down should it come too close to another vehicle. Furthermore there is an automatic extinguishing system around the engine.

Facilities driver

The coaches are also equipped with safety measures such as a reverse camera and a dead angle camera. These measures allow the drivers to work in a more comfortable and clear environment. The automatic gearboxes also ensure that the driver can focus on the traffic.Our 2 newest coaches are also equipped with a driver's chair that vibrates if a dashed line is passed. All drivers have the required diplomas, and they’re also training in accordance with the requirements of Code 95: the permanent European education of the C- en D-drivers licenses.


An important theme is also the environment and our living environment, with our investments in new coaches we ensure that, at the time of purchase, we always meet the highest possible requirements.




For price information send us an email stating the date of travel, route and number of passengers.

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